1. Save Yourself Ten’s of $1000’s

Before committing to a property purchase you will save yourself thousands of dollars by using an experienced expert. Their research saves you money!

2. Have Complete Peace of Mind!

Selling agents are not your friend, they represent their client – the seller. Have complete peace of mind by working with a highly specialised mentor, committed to transparent learning, their industry knowledge levels the playing field.

3.Save Time!

And get back your weekends! Their experience saves you time, get an expert who can find you your ideal property quickly and pain free. A good buyers’ agent even has access to silent “off the market properties” that you may never find out about.

4. Have Trust You Will Get The Right Property!

Have complete trust in your purchase by knowing all the important numbers….including Cash Flow, Capital Growth and Rental Yield. Their skills reduce your stress as well as make the process as smooth as possible for you.

5. Have Total Predictability!

By implementing a buyers agents proven customised strategies you have total predictability in your next purchase. A buyers’ agent’s job is to make the process as hassle free and predictable as possible for you.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to SAVE TEN'S of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS

The whole idea behind Latitude 33 is integrity and honesty above everything else. Money is considered one of our most valuable assets, and whoever you trust to help you on your journey to financial freedom needs to provide complete transparency.

That’s why we originally started Latitude 33; we wanted to ensure our clients trust, integrity and honesty across the whole property buying process. We don’t take any commission from agents and we work solely with the buyer to help them get the best deal possible.

People shouldn’t have to wonder if they are getting the best deal. 


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At Latitude 33, we say lets create value for the BUYER!

We bought our property in Rooty Hill using Latitude 33 Property & Education’s Buyers Agency Services. Thoroughly professional from taking our brief, understanding our needs and getting us what we wanted, saved us over $60,000


From the time we approached Das for his services until he found our place, displayed great communication skills, honest and transparent towards our needs and wants, not afraid to disagree and always focused towards creating value for the client. Wish you all the best and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a dynamic advisory based realtor.


I was on the verge of defaulting on my settlement and Das provided an alternate buyer who met us and agreed to a fair and reasonable deal, getting us out of a potential purchase default with minimal loss – A thorough gentlemen, transparent and no nonsense approach.


Latitude 33 Real Estate was started after Das Nair wanted to create value for the BUYER with the aim of creating a holistic approach towards property investment. The journey began in 2011 with several consulting roles and then in partnership, developing knowledge in education and creating the holistic evolution in property investing. Das completed a Diploma in Financial Planning and Cert. IV in Real Estate and became a partner in Sumo Global Properties. He then established Latitude 33 Real Estate in 2018.

Das always loved property and while finding the properties is the easy part, the bigger challenge is to understand buyer psychology and overcome long ingrained belief and value systems that prevents the BUYER from making solid rational and validated decisions. Learning and education is the platform from which he supports each client’s customised strategy to make solid rational decisions that can be tracked and validated at each step of the journey. I continue to save clients thousands of dollars in addition to ensuring, what I call, the three Gospels of Investing – Cash Flow, Capital Growth and Rental Yield requirements are secured in each investment decision.

This business is a true reflection of the values Das holds. He will hold your hands to uncover your own strengths and weakness and take a critical look at your decision-making process. He helps you to systemise your decisions, uncover your purchasing behaviour and rebuild it completely if necessary. The more you learn, the stronger you get, the more confident your decisions will become, and you will enjoy more success. This is his passion.

“Today, the property business is heavily loaded with high commissions, poor quality products, unscrupulous agents, all geared and heavily biased towards the seller NOT the BUYER!"

What people are saying about Latitude 33…

“A real eye opener, thought us how to look at investment properties, once we decided on the property, guided us through all our service providers and helped us with mortgage and insurance. We bought the property for $ 630K and bank valuation came in at $ 670K, exceptional transparent service and we highly recommend his services” – MAHESH U

Book a chat with Das to find out if he can help you with your property purchase

At Latitude 33 we go through these 3 components for every property transaction.

Through our research we have helped clients in making informed real estate investments.

We want you to feel in control.

Trend Analysis

We observe and review historical patterns for specific product types in nominated suburbs and predict the possible future outcomes that could happen over the short, medium and long term.

Macroeconomic & Microeconomic Analysis

We take a broader view of understanding the big picture that supports the local economy that fuels migration, age based population movement, job growth, transportation, schools, universities, shopping, medical centres/hospitals and other important parameters that supports positive trends.

Government & Private Sector Reports

It’s important to understand how local, state and federal government investment plans supports growth in a specific location. Having this knowledge and drawing on past experience of how macroeconomic investment impacts and supports population growth in an identified geographic location is important in guiding clients how and where to invest.

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