From my very humble beginning, I have been passionate about outcomes and value integrity and honesty above everything else and expect the same from my clients.

An Honours Graduate in Bio-Chemistry, I did my MBA specialising in Organisational Behaviour and Finance. I have been interested in properties since the early 1990’s. Over the past 29 years, Su (my wife) and I have bought and sold properties and currently have a good investment property portfolio to retire on. We also learnt the hard way on what to do and what not to do in Property Investing.

My twenty-three years in Corporate Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, across Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America gave me opportunities to look at properties across many countries. With a wealth of knowledge in properties, I returned to Sydney in 2007, I decided to develop my next career in Property Investing. I left a long and successful career in pharmaceuticals to pursue the dream of educating the next generation on the fundamentals of property investment.

The journey began in 2011 with several consulting roles and then in partnership, developing knowledge in education and creating the holistic evolution in property investing. I completed a Diploma in Financial Planning and Cert. IV in Real Estate and became a partner in Sumo Global Properties. I then established Latitude 33 Real Estate, with the aim of creating a holistic approach towards property investment. The next seven years strengthened my experience and built credibility for the work I did with my business partner.

In 2018 I branched out on my own and started Latitude 33 Property & Education to create value for the BUYER. While that is the easy part, the bigger challenge is to understand buyer psychology and overcome long ingrained belief and value systems that prevents the BUYER from making solid rational and validated decisions. Learning and education is the platform from which I support each client’s customised strategy to make solid rational decisions that can be tracked and validated at each step of the journey. I continue to save clients thousands of dollars in addition to ensuring, what I call, the three Gospels of Investing – Cash Flow, Capital Growth and Rental Yield requirements are secured in each investment decision.

I realise that the entire property market is geared towards maximising out the profit for the sellers. The big marketing and sales advertising are heavily biased towards achieving success for the seller. Buyers often get lured into amazing marketing stories: a promise of making millions in a short period of time, offers of a lifetime and “an opportunity that will never to be repeated” (!) or three years rental guarantees, strong capital growth, the future hub of growth for Australia etc. etc. and the catch phrases goes on and on. Sounds familiar?

Those who entered the market pre GFC 2007-2009, and later in the current completed boom cycle 2012-2018 will understand exactly where the good and bad decisions were made. How external influence triumphed over lack of internal knowledge and the “herd mentality” that led many investors to some extremely painful outcomes. There is still much more pain to be endured in the coming years based on poor decisions of the past few years.

The story above while partly influenced by market is also predominantly caused by our own lack of knowledge, understanding of our buying behaviour, ability to validate research data, read and understand how market fundamentals impact growth and yield curves.

Our own Buyers Psychology deficiencies is our ENEMY NO 1. I continue to develop myself in this area with the support and mentorship of Sinan Koray. Sinan has been my Mentor the past four years and continues to help me develop and strengthen my understanding on the impact of our psychology in our decision making and how the decisions we make determines the level of success we have.

I will hold your hands to uncover your own strengths and weakness and take a critical look at your decision-making process. I help you to systemise your decisions, uncover your purchasing behaviour and rebuild it completely if necessary. Until I get you over this step confidently, you will continue to make decisions the “normal” way. The more you learn, the stronger you get and more confident your decisions will become, and you will enjoy more success. This is my passion.

And this is necessary as the property business is heavily loaded with high commissions, poor quality products, unscrupulous agents, all geared and heavily biased towards the seller NOT the BUYER !

Das Nair
Founder of Latitude 33 Property & Education
B.Sc(Hons), MBA, Dip. Fin. Planning, LREA

Our Moral and Ethics

Latitude 33 Property & Education is run on the ethos of providing “Holistic” service. Business is entirely focused on creating value for clients, partnering like-minded service providers with the aim of value creation and cost optimisation & minimisation for clients. Our partners in mortgage, insurance, financial advice, legal, accounting and other related financial services DO NOT pay us any referral fees, instead focusses on reducing cost of the service provided to the clients.

Latitude 33 Property & Education is a research based real estate advisory company with the primary objective of reducing clients buying risk. Our advise is based on analysis of facts and figures, review cash flow models, understanding client cash flow needs and achieving the right balance between rental yield and long term capital growth. We review local, state and federal government reports, syndicated research, government future projections and master plans ahead of our recommendations.

We educate clients towards smarter investments and also do project due diligence focusing on both builder and developer of a project. Based on our risk management process we decide if the project is appropriate for our clients.

Through our research we have helped clients in making informed real estate investments.

Trend Analysis

We observe and review historical patterns for specific product types in nominated suburbs and predict the possible future outcomes that could happen over the short, medium and long term.

Macroeconomic & Microeconomic Analysis

We take a broader view of understanding the big picture that supports the local economy that fuels migration, age based population movement, job growth, transportation, schools, universities, shopping, medical centres/hospitals and other important parameters that supports positive trends.

Government & Private Sector Reports

Its important to understand how local, state and federal government investment plans supports growth in a specific location. Having this knowledge and drawing on past experience of how macroeconomic investment impacts and supports population growth in an identified geographic location is important in guiding clients how and where to invest.

Property Buyers

If you’re looking to purchase a property, owner occupier or investor, residential, retail, industrial or commercial we can help you.

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